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Translational Dx:
Advances in Multi-Omic Oncology

September 23, 2020 live event
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About the Event

Join us for the launch of the Translational DX Virtual Summit, featuring expert presentations on the latest advances in translational oncology tools.

Enjoy live presentations, Q&A sessions, and networking to stay up to date on what’s new in the industry. Check out the virtual booths for more information on their organizations, products, technology, and a chance to meet with company representatives.

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Technology highlights include:

  • Tumor microenvironment analysis
  • Molecular tumor profiling
  • Clinical genomic interpretation
  • Deep proteomics
  • Immune repertoire sequencing

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Meet Our Presenters

Realize precision medicine through streamlined genomics workflows

Pillar Biosciences supports next-generation sequencing (NGS) with a technology platform you can depend on. Our transformative NGS tools help you optimize your genomics workflows so you aren’t left waiting on cumbersome library prep and data analysis bottlenecks. Together, we can uncover genomic insights that improve long-term outcomes.

Pillar Biosciences
Fabric Genomics
Fabric Genomics’ AI-driven software platform enables clinical labs to uncover critical and timely genomic insights that reduce costs and save lives

Powered by AI, Fabric Enterprise enables clinical genomic testing at scale for faster diagnosis and treatment. Undiagnosed genetic illnesses have significant costs for both patients and providers. Fabric Enterprise enables labs to achieve the highest diagnostic yield and the fastest turn-around times to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Translating the Language of proteins into the Language of Health

Hidden in the thousands of proteins that make up the structures and function of our bodies is information about our past, present and future health. Virtually every aspect of health and disease is written in the real-time dynamic language of our proteins. Today, only SomaLogic fully translates the language of proteins into the language of healthcare. Our proprietary SomaScan® Platform measures thousands of human proteins in a single blood sample and uses sophisticated computer modeling to translate those protein measurements into meaningful, personalized health information for the individual being tested.

iRepertoire, Inc.

Pioneers in immune adaptome sequencing

Multiplex PCR solutions specifically designed for immune repertoire sequencing. An immune repertoire is the sum total of functionally diverse T and B cells in a body at any given moment. Sampling the immune repertoire provides both a snapshot and a historical record of a person’s immune function. Over the last 10 years iRepertoire has developed PCR multiplexing technologies specifically catered towards immune repertoire sequencing. Our core technologies, bioinformatics, and automation platforms provide everything you need to reveal the unique imprint the external environment leaves behind.

Our mission is to transform pathology through AI-based image analysis and workflow standardization.

The right technology should feel like an extension of you – enhancing your capabilities and generating data that is not only accurate but meaningful to your research questions.

Visiopharm’s image analysis software for research is built with a foundation based in artificial intelligence and designed to be used by scientists. Tissue mining is more than simple image analysis, it’s finding the answers to your questions, making new discoveries and finding new treatments.


Live Broadcast

September 23, 2020

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