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Webinars that drive sales revenue

Samba Scientific offers complete webinar packages that are effective lead-generating tools for genomics, diagnostics, and other life science companies. Our comprehensive promotional campaigns include promotional assets that are custom-made to match your brand guidelines, and our comprehensive pre-webinar promotional campaigns drive traffic and registrations to your event. To maximize ROI from your webinar, we include the post-webinar promotion and gated video hosting to drive landing page traffic, on-demand viewing, and continued lead generation.

Generate high quality leads with our life science webinar packages


>1,100 leads in two weeks. Samba webinars drive results.

New Leads

Maximize your ROI with our complete webinar packages

With the right marketing strategy and execution, webinars can be a powerful lead-generation tool. Samba Scientific offers complete turn-key execution on promotional campaigns that drive lead-gen before and after the event. Our comprehensive promotional campaigns result in attendance rates that frequently exceed those of our much-larger competitors.

Fabric Genomics Rady Children's Hospital Webinar Social Examples
seqWell Webinar - Crowdsourcing the cure: High-throughput NGS-based QC that accelerates high-quality science. Speakers: Joanne Kamens, Ph.D., ED, Addgene and Joseph Mellor, Ph.D., CEO, seqWell

Targeted webinar promotion

Drive interest and anticipation with promotion across channels maximizing attendance and capturing leads before your webinar event even airs. Our full promotional campaign package includes:

  • Custom landing page
  • Email campaign tailored to your audience
  • Targeted social posts across relevant channels

Choose from multiple engaging webinar formats

Choose the webinar format to meet your needs, delighting and engaging your audience with a superior webinar experience. Need a host? No problem! One of our scientific staff members will be available to introduce your speaker and moderate your Q&A session so you can sit back and enjoy the event.



Pre-record your webinar and broadcast it with a live Q&A


Panel Discussion

Utilize the expertise of several speakers with an engaging, moderated discussion


Hosted webinar

Host your live webinar with
chat and Q&A

Post-webinar promotion

Make your webinar the lead generation gift that keeps on giving, with sophisticated channel deployment, content marketing, and ongoing campaign support. Our post-promotional plan includes video snippets, targeted emails and social media posts. When your event is over, we provide a report with complete information about your new leads.

pQTL webinar

Use your webinar content to create other lead-generating assets

Samba's team... convert it to white papers, case studies, videos.

Samba Scientific Lead Generation SomaLogic Testimonial

“The folks at Samba Scientific have been brilliant partners to us: their knowledge of the life science industry and expertise in lead generation has enabled our marketing to make giant leaps."

Andrew Page
Senior Marketing Manager, SomaLogic

Samba Scientific Lead Generation Combinati Testimonial

“Samba had a deep understanding of our competitive landscape and market and provided a thoughtful marketing strategy that focused on measurable results. They succeed at creating tailored approaches for small, fast-moving companies."

Lauren Caulfield
Former Director of Product Marketing, Combinati

Samba Scientific Lead Generation Pillar Biosciences Testimonial

“Samba is an invaluable partner when it comes to our marketing and creative efforts. Samba supports us with website design, collateral, social media, swag, signage, conference booths, webinars, business card design, and so much more."

Geoffrey Richman
Product Management, Pillar Biosciences

Book now for 20% off and FREE advertising of your life science webinar!