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Isolation Bio partnered with Samba Scientific to drive lead generation initiatives to fuel the sales of their cutting-edge instrument. Furthermore, a robust lead capture and marketing strategy had yet to be implemented, hindering their ability to engage potential customers through targeted campaigns.
HTG was looking for a multi-touch campaign to promote the release of their EdgeSeq Autoimmune Panel. More than just a strong product launch, though, HTG needed a lasting lead funnel that would continue to generate high qualified contacts for years to come.
The goal of the CHROME clinical study was to help unravel the root biological evidence of disease by focusing on the etiology and pathogenesis of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The study explored the biological basis of ME/CFS by characterizing disease-associated signatures that will help guide the development of better diagnostic testing and treatment.
Geno.Me was looking to significantly boost brand awareness & drive individual health data contributions on a shoestring budget. Having created the first searchable ecosystem of linked medical & genetic data, they needed to describe the opportunity to a non-technical audience, while offering an easy way for prospects to sign up and get paid for their contributions.
Singular Genomics is a genomic sequencing company at the forefront of developing novel next generation sequencing technologies for research and precision medicine. Singular’s G4 Benchtop Sequencer is a powerful, cost-effective, and flexible tool for common NGS applications including RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing and more.
PRISM Lab wanted to upgrade their website to a modern, ready-to-use source of interactive information for potential collaborators and current customers. Additionally, they needed a way to steer fact-finding inquiries towards their FAQs to decrease the volume of questions they were having to answer via email.
Enable Medicine needed to emphasize the availability of their services. They needed to showcase their services on their website to attract new leads to continue to grow their sales pipeline. without a dedicated page to drive traffic to or a gated asset for lead generation, Enable Medicine would have difficulty generating inbound leads.
Nodexus was preparing to launch its FACS instrument, the NX One. However, as a newer startup, they needed to create a brand identity, build brand awareness, and build their contact list. They had an entire season of upcoming tradeshows in Q1-Q2 of 2023 to showcase their FACS instrument. Still, without a strong brand identity, they would have difficulty building trust and awareness, gaining contacts, and ultimately selling the NX One.
Factorial wanted to come out of stealth mode and announce to the world that they were ready to promote their innovative and game changer in-cell library prep technology.
TwinStrand sought our help identifying initial leads, setting up a funnel for future lead capture, and converting their website into an engine for lead generation.

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