Drive Growth with Performance Marketing+ for Life Sciences

Tired of paying for marketing activities without seeing tangible results?

Many life science companies struggle with traditional marketing approaches that focus on deliverables rather than outcomes.

At Samba Scientific, we believe in a different approach: Performance Marketing+.

What is Performance Marketing+?

It’s a data-driven strategy that combines the best of both worlds:

Traditional marketing assets

We develop high-quality content, optimize your website, and manage your campaigns.

Results-oriented approach

You pay for what matters – leads and qualified leads (MQLs)

How is Performance Marketing+ different?

Traditional marketing often leaves you with hefty bills and a collection of assets, but no guarantee of actual leads or sales. Performance Marketing+ flips the script:

Lower monthly costs:

Lower monthly costs:

You pay a base investment for essential assets and strategy, ensuring you have the foundation for success.

Flexible ad spend:

Flexible ad spend:

You control your ad budget and scale it based on your desired ROI.

Pay per lead and MQL:

Pay per lead and MQL:

You pay for tangible results, ensuring your marketing budget translates directly into growth.

What does the Performance Marketing+ process look like?


Optimize your website

We ensure your website is search engine optimized and conversion-focused, attracting the right audience and turning them into leads.


Create compelling content

We develop targeted content like blogs, case studies, white papers, and sales literature to capture your audience’s attention and generate leads.


Drive traffic

We leverage email marketing, social media, and paid advertising to attract qualified visitors to your website and landing pages.


Host engaging webinars

We plan, promote, and host webinars or expert panels to educate your audience and convert them into leads.


Automate lead nurturing

We set up automated workflows to nurture leads and guide them through the sales funnel.


Continuously monitor and optimize

We constantly analyze data and optimize your campaigns for maximum performance.

What do you get with Samba Scientific’s Performance Marketing+?

We believe in transparent pricing that aligns with your goals and budget.

Base Investment

Reduced monthly retainer fee for 6 months covers the development of your strategy, website optimization, content creation, ad setup, and a hosted webinar or expert panel.

Pay per Lead & MQL

You pay a premium for each new lead generated over your baseline and for MQLs that meet your specific criteria. This cost is determined by your goals, average deal size, and sales conversion rate.

Flexible Ad Spend

You determine your monthly ad budget, starting at a minimum of $2,000 per month. We strategically distribute this budget across LinkedIn and Google Ads campaigns, optimizing for maximum ROI.

Transparency and ROI

We provide detailed reporting and use an ROI calculator to demonstrate the impact of your marketing investment.

Take control of your marketing budget and start paying for results with Samba Scientific’s Performance Marketing+.

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