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Good design leads to more conversions

A client was using Google Ads to generate leads for their blood sample offerings, but the ads weren’t converting. Enter Samba.

With a few optimizations, including moving the CTA higher on the page,
we were able to increase conversions.

• 8x conversion rate increase for a campaign
• Overall leads generated increased by 40%

Samba Scientific Life Science and Biotech Web Design Services Good design leads to more conversions Biotech website

An attractive and compelling website design is your best salesperson, working 24/7 to attract leads, sell your products and services, promote your brand, and establish authority and credibility in your industry. With Samba’s scientific and design expertise, our custom biotech and life science website designs are optimized to reach your target audience and meet your lead generation goals.

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We employ Growth Driven Design

Your website is a living asset, so we’re always checking in on how it’s doing. Is it ranking for important keywords? Are visitors interacting with your content? Is it generating leads for you? We use a variety of tools to ensure your website design is meeting your goals.

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