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Your advertising budget is ultimately affected by internal decisions, but we can help you get an idea of what to pitch to financial decision makers. For Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, we developed this handy worksheet to help you calculate your investment based on the number of leads you want to generate. Interested in journal and science news outlets? We can suggest some top performers based on our expertise. We also do the legwork of acquiring media packages and looking for the highest ROI.

Case Study: High-impact advertising on a start-up budget

Just two months after launching, the services page is the third most viewed page on the website and claims 17% of all user traffic. Additionally, the downloadable brochure boasts a 22% conversion rate, half of which are new contacts and 12% of the conversions became opportunities

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Amplify your message across all channels with paid digital ads

Your innovations are unique, and so are your business goals. Our marketing strategists and creatives meticulously craft your ad campaigns to meet your goals. Using a scientific approach, we analyze the data and iterate as needed to maximize ROI. Effective ads management increases brand awareness and lead generation by driving interest in your cutting-edge technology. We work across all ad platforms, but here’s a breakdown of Google, LinkedIn and 3rd Party Ads.

Samba Scientific Ad Services

Google Ads

Unlock targeted lead generation with Google Ads

How we do it:

  • Identify keywords
  • Craft keyword-optimized ads and landing pages
  • Continuously optimize for maximum ROI

LinkedIn Ads

Optimize your LinkedIn Ads audience for precision demographic targeting

How we do it:

  • Define your target audience based on location, company, job title and function, group membership, relevant skills, etc.
  • Build interactive ads for lead generation on LinkedIn or to drive conversions through your landing page
  • Acquire highly specific leads

3rd Party Ads

Reach your audience on trusted channels  – Journals, Associations, and Science Outlets

How we do it:

  • Identify websites and newsletters where your target audience already subscribes 
  • Procure ad packages that match your budget and goals 
  • Craft and deploy compelling text, graphics, and gifs 
  • Run A/B tests, monitor performance, and report ROI 
The importance of choosing the right promotional channel to mach your budget and goals
Interested in different third-party packages? Third party outlets offer pricing around impressions or email sends, but it’s the clicks that really matter. This data is the actual cost per click from ad campaigns that we ran through different vendors.

Case Study: High-impact advertising on a start-up budget

In two months after Samba’s optimization, our client saw their weekly ad impressions increase by almost 60% and their conversion rate quadruple to 19%. Not only were the ads being seen more — they were more engaging and more relevant to viewers. Importantly, these improvements did not require a budget increase.

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