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Lead generation for life science companies is our specialty

At Samba Scientific, we specialize in creating targeted lead generation campaigns for life science and biotech companies. Our staff of technical writers, creative designers, tactical marketers, and web developers are ready to jump-start your sales strategy.

Our lead generation campaigns consist of three main components:

Lead generation services, exceptional content generation for life sciences and biotechnology brands

Great content is the cornerstone of any lead generation campaign

Quality leads are looking for valuable content that provides solutions and innovation within their areas of interest. Our staff of recovering research scientists produce assets that attract, engage, and delight your specialized life science and biotech audiences.

Technical writing

Technical notes, case studies and whitepapers highlight your technology and its unique applications. Give us a few bullet points or pieces of data and our scientific writers will craft a compelling story.

See this case study we wrote for Pillar Biosciences:



Have a new product to promote or want to bring attention to a new killer application? With considerable experience hosting and promoting virtual events in the life science field, we are an ideal webinar partner.

Animated Explainer Videos

Many of our clients benefit from animated explainer videos to provide a company overview or articulate a particular product. Our team creates custom videos for use across your online channels.

Lead generation services, optimized landing pages for lead generation for life sciences and biotechnology

Convert more leads with an optimized landing page

Guide your visitors to a specific offer with a landing page designed for conversion. Our marketing strategists and web developers work together to create beautiful, high-performing landing pages. With our talented and technical in-house design team, you can be sure we’ll create eye-catching promotional graphics that keep your brand guidelines in focus.

A targeted Q4-2020 ad campaign for a current client placed a variety of ad types across various channels including The Scientist, Fierce Biotech, GenomeWeb, Nature, Technology, and various disease-specific journals. Using gated content, landing pages optimized with lead capture forms, and consistent tracking codes we were able to optimize the ad spend and make adjustments for future campaigns. ​

  • 10,061 page views
  • 3,040 clicks (average of $27 spent per click)
  • 227 new qualified leads (average spend of $365 per new contact)

Cost per click by vendor and channel

Targeted promotion, life sciences lead generation services

Amplify your message across channels

We work with you to identify the best channels to promote your new content and build a comprehensive marketing plan including email, social, blogs, and paid advertising. Our marketing specialists use an iterative, data-driven approach to be certain you are getting the best ROI and have focused metrics driving performance results.

To increase product exposure and engage prospective customers, we utilized both HTG’s and Samba’s targeted scientific network to promote the new product through email blasts. Emails promoted the release of the new autoimmune microsite and case studies.

Additionally, Samba leveraged paid advertising through GenomeWeb and The Journal of Immunology to broadly promote the release of the autoimmune panel and subsequent case studies.

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“The folks at Samba Scientific have been brilliant partners to us: their knowledge of the life science industry and expertise in lead generation has enabled our marketing to make giant leaps."

Andrew Page
Senior Marketing Manager, SomaLogic

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