Marketing & media for life science brands

We deliver effective, responsive, and ROI-focused inbound marketing for diagnostic and life science brands.

We are

We are Samba Scientific, a full service tactical marketing firm for diagnostic, genomic, and life science companies. We use our diverse backgrounds as scientists, marketers, and creatives to develop and execute effective strategies for our clients. We pride ourselves in helping leading biotech companies reach their commercial goals.

Lead generation: our specialty

For many companies in our space, product development often outpaces business development. Samba Scientific can help you to meet your commercial goals by pulling from years of best-practice lead generation experience. With your input, we'll create and implement campaigns that drive awareness and result in stacks of marketing-qualified leads.

Audience profiling

Build customer segments and outline the buyer’s journey

Value propositions

Develop key messaging, data and materials that resonate with target segments

Execution strategy

Craft tactical plans, budgets and resource requirements

Tracking & reporting

Report metrics, calculate ROI and optimize next steps

Life Science Marketing Agency Webinar Services

Get better audience engagement with Augmented Webinars™

At Samba Scientific, we believe in doing webinars better. That’s why we developed Augmented Webinars™ that maximize your audiences’s ability to interact and engage with your speakers.

Tactical Support

Your strategy deserves better tactics, and sometimes you just need a little extra help. And the best help is from those who know what they’re doing. Samba brings together marketers, scientists, web developers and creatives who can build, strategize, develop, deploy, write, draw, or animate pretty much anything you need to achieve your campaign or marketing goals.

Here’s an overview of some stuff we’re great at:

Scientific expertise. It's why we put it in our name.

Samba Scientific was founded by molecular and cell biologists with deep technical expertise and decades of industry experience. Our knowledge of high-growth applications includes:



  • Targeted therapies
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Circulating cell-free DNA
  • Cell therapy

Molecular diagnostics

  • Oncology
  • Infectious disease
  • Liquid biopsy
  • Companion diagnostics


  • Sequencing instrumentation
  • NGS library preparation
  • Bioinformatics & reporting
  • Single-cell analysis

Synthetic biology

  • DNA / RNA synthesis
  • Microbiome Rx / Dx
  • Organism engineering

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