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Samba Scientific Welcomes Josh Anderson as Digital Marketing Manager

For Josh Anderson, family, tradition, and nature are guiding principles.  Growing up in central Missouri, his early days were spent outside and drew him to a deep interest in science,...
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Hydrogels Simulate Heart Pressure in a Petri Dish

Innovative new techniques are allowing researchers to increase or decrease pressure differences, change mechanical loads, and vary blood volumes in a realistic environment in vitro. These measurable values can be...
Comparison of at-home COVID-19 test kits available on Amazon

To Swab or Spit: A Comparison of Amazon COVID-19 Tests

At-Home COVID-19 Tests Available on Amazon Vaccination rates of COVID-19 are increasing around the country. While vaccine production and distribution teams pick up their paces and work around the clock...
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Jeff Briganti

Samba Scientific welcomes Jeff Briganti as Marketing Director Jeff Briganti joined the Samba team in February 2021 as Marketing Director, bringing more than 20 years of experience in the life...

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