Improve the Audience Experience of Your Life Science Webinar

In-person conferences and professional development seminars are not part of our current reality. It’s uncertain when they will resume, and we’ve quickly become accustomed to an endless parade of webinar...
Challenger brand. Marketing and Media for Life Sciences Brands

Unlock Your Company Potential: Challenger Brand Edition

A challenger brand is defined as a company that’s neither the market leader nor a niche brand, but one individualized by their intention to expand beyond conventional resources and expectations. Challengers...
Life Sciences and Biotech Marketing and Sales Strategy

Meaningful Gated Content for Lead Conversion

These days, sales and marketing teams are getting more creative about capturing qualified leads. They can’t wine and dine clients at conferences, so inbound digital marketing with quality gated content...
Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash - a multi-colored, Aztec-styled hispanic mural of a man with eagle wings bowing to the left of the screen. Many colors, with a background of red and black alternating stripes

Rubén Mercado

Samba Scientific welcomes Rubén Mercado as Creative Director Rubén Mercado grew up in New York City in Spanish Harlem in the 1970’s well before Times Square and Broadway became family-friendly...

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