Scientific webinars generate high quality leads. Samba Scientific, Marketing and Media for Life Sciences Brands

Why Life Science Companies Continue to Find Success with Webinars

With the need for social distancing, most industries have turned to online and virtual events like webinars and virtual conferences to substitute for in-person engagement. While some industry segments struggle...
Webinar promotion: increase your registrations and engagement

Webinar Promotion: 7 Ways to Increase Your Registrations

Congratulations, you did it! You planned a great webinar for your target audience. Now what? Time to think about how you are going to get as many people as possible...

Improve the Audience Experience of Your Life Science Webinar

In-person conferences and professional development seminars are not part of our current reality. It’s uncertain when they will resume, and we’ve quickly become accustomed to an endless parade of webinar...
Challenger brand. Marketing and Media for Life Sciences Brands

Unlock Your Company Potential: Challenger Brand Edition

A challenger brand is defined as a company that’s neither the market leader nor a niche brand, but one individualized by their intention to expand beyond conventional resources and expectations. Challengers...

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