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Recent biotech and life science videos

Videos are a highly effective way to educate, engage, and delight your target audience. We create biotech and life science videos for many purposes. Our portfolio consists of explainer videos, educational videos, hero animations, booth videos, and more.

Videos and animations serve as invaluable tools for storytelling. They can take the most complicated subject matter and make it digestible in under 90 seconds.

Videos get results. It's all in how you use them.

You’re onto something great. You’ve developed a new product, process, or service that will help with the next big advancement, but great science isn’t always easy to explain. Sure, your results are covered in dense, high-impact, peer-reviewed articles but how do you get the word out to your target audience in a quick, easy-to-digest format? Videos and animations serve as invaluable tools for storytelling, making it a breeze to show your worth and break down even the trickiest subject matter. They can take your complicated science and facilitate a deeper understanding of your value.

Simple. Create a great video.

With a staff of PhD scientists and experienced creatives, Samba can produce videos that clearly and effectively get your point across, increasing engagement with your brand.


of businesses gain new customers from branded video content


faster revenue growth using video marketing vs non-video marketing


of people say video is their number one source of information

Reference: Tech Jury

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