Inbound Marketing
for Life Science Companies

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Our B2B lead generation service includes proven strategies, tactical support, and engaging content for converting leads at each stage of the digital marketing funnel.

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Phased approach to lead generation

  • Infrastructure & lead funnel set-up
  • Technical SEO fixes
  • Initial lead gen campaign
  • Begin driving traffic
  • Optimize pages for conversions
  • Optimize ads/social for clicks
  • Optimize site for SEO
  • Create new content
  • Automate lead nurturing
  • Regular new campaigns
  • Regular content creation
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization
  • Refine lead nurturing
  • Increase ad spend
Lead Generation

Inbound marketing services available on retainer or a-la-cart

Advertising, SEO, & Social Media

Advertising: Whether it’s through Google, LinkedIn, or third-parties, advertising can bring in quality leads for you to nurture. When your goal is lead generation, it’s best practice to identify keywords relevant to your campaign, then create ads and the landing page. We help bring it all together.

SEO: Search engine optimization gets you ranked higher on sites like Google. By regularly running SEO reports that cover technical fixes like meta descriptions as well as tracking keyword positions, you’ll identify opportunities for quick wins and long-term success. Leverage these results to create keyword-optimized content or iterate on your current website.

Social Media: Your social media presence attracts visitors through compelling copy and graphics. Post about your upcoming events and accomplishments as well offer commentary on hot technical topics to demonstrate thought leadership.

Samba Scientific life science and biotech marketing Lead Generation Advertising, SEO, Social Media

Case studies: Content like case studies are high value assets to demonstrate your expertise in your field and drive lead generation strategies. Need help creating technical content for your funnel? Check out our content marketing services.

Landing Pages: Landing pages funnel your target audience from organic searches, social, and ads to a valuable piece of content like a case study. When these pages are optimized for conversions, lead generation becomes a low-lift activity with high reward.

Samba Scientific life science and biotech marketing Lead Generation Content marketing services

Lead nurturing: Once you’ve generated leads, it’s time to qualify them. Use your assets to develop lead nurturing email workflows and HubSpot scoring to track engagement and interest before passing them to your sales team. Want help setting up HubSpot as your one-stop-shop for marketing, sales, and service? We’ve developed a streamlined onboarding process for biotech and life science companies.

Conversion optimization: Any good lead generation funnel is built on continuous conversion optimization. Form placement, form length, CTA copy, gated assets, page speed…etc. all play into your conversion rate. Continuous optimization is critical.

Sales enablement: Lead generation strategies collect information and use it to nurture leads towards a decision point. By the time leads are passed to the sales team, your team is equipped with enough information about the leads that closing the deal is straightforward.

Samba Scientific life science and biotech marketing Lead Generation Hubspot onboarding

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