Micro content, macro results: snackable video marketing


  • Short, “snackable” videos under 30 seconds have become popular, and are effective for quickly showcasing products, services, or company culture in a visually appealing way.

  • The brief format is ideal for grabbing attention from scrollers, plus allows more experimentation and message refinement compared to longer videos.

  • Short videos can drive high engagement through shares, comments, and brand memorability when produced with clear messaging.

  • Analytics on views, engagement, shares, website traffic, and conversions are crucial for optimizing snackable video marketing strategies.

Harnessing the potential of snackable video marketing

Video marketing has undergone a bite-sized revolution. Short videos, typically under 30 seconds long, have become incredibly popular across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even YouTube. These “snackable” videos allow brands to showcase products, services, or company culture in a compact, visually enticing format that appeals to today’s busy media consumer.

The short format lends itself to social media scrolling, because users are more likely to watch a short clip than a 5-minute video. Biotech companies can use these videos for short interviews with founders, quick product demos, viral ads, customer testimonials, or to give viewers a peek behind-the-scenes at a lab or manufacturing facility.

Whatever the topic, the most effective snackable videos feature clear brand messaging and encourage engagement, creating a durable impact on the viewer that lasts beyond the content itself. A short video the viewer continues to think about later, or which encourages them to share and comment, will punch well above its weight class in terms of advertising return-on-investment.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the bite-sized video approach is lower cost and quick production timelines. These factors allow multiple iterations to be produced with the same time and budget as a single longer video, so you can experiment and refine your message until you find something that resonates.

Short videos also get more engagement on social media platforms, but social media algorithms tend to favor native videos and videos from affiliated sites over links to unaffiliated video sites. The question of whether to link videos or upload them directly to each social media platform therefore comes down to a tradeoff between maximizing impressions and channeling traffic through a single avenue that you control and can optimize for conversions. Whatever you decide, you should re-evaluate your reasoning on a per-campaign basis, to make sure you’re getting what you want out of your videos.

Finally, make sure to include captions in your videos. This will not only maximize accessibility, but make your videos easier to understand for viewers on mobile devices with limited audio quality, for those watching on mute, or for viewers watching in a loud environment.

With proper analytics, short video marketing can become an invaluable part of any social media strategy. View counts, website referrals, and conversion rates are important metrics, but don’t neglect statistics on engagement such as likes, comments, shares, and drop-off rates. These show you how often you’re connecting with your audience, and achieving a potential marketing touchpoint on the road to a sale.


As you craft your snackable video strategy, remember that the key to success lies in creating bite-sized videos that resonate with your target audience, encourage interaction, and leave a lasting impression. By unlocking the potential of micro-videos, you can grow your company’s brand awareness as well as form a lasting connection to customers.

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