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Enable Medicine


A multi-pronged approach to driving lead generation

Enable Medicine offers high-plex IHC and immunofluorescence assays as a service to pharmaceutical companies. These assays are combined with Enable Medicine’s proprietary software analysis component and used for applications including drug mechanism of action, biomarker discovery, patient stratifcation, and more.

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The Challenge

The Samba Approach


Enable Medicine needed to emphasize the availability of their services. They needed to showcase their services on their website to attract new leads to continue to grow their sales pipeline. without a dedicated page to drive traffic to or a gated asset for lead generation, Enable Medicine would have difficulty generating inbound leads.

Analysis with single cell precision


Samba Scientific worked with Enable Medicine to develop a comprehensive strategy to drive services-focused lead generation. We centered on developing a dedicated services landing page, a compelling downloadable asset, and driving traffic via social media and Google Ads.

End to end deep immunophenotyping services

Just two months after launching, the services page is the third most viewed page on the website and claims 17% of all user traffic. Additionally, the downloadable brochure boasts a 22% conversion rate, half of which are new contacts and 12% of the conversions became opportunities. This page and brochure armed Enable Medicine with the ability for continued passive ana active lead generation.

Key Metrics

  • 22% conversion rate 2 months since launch of the web page
  • 12% of the new contacts progressed to opportunities

Conversion rate


New opportunities


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