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Modern branding and website development with customer-focused features.

PRISM Lab is an affiliate lab of Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard offering novel multiplexed cancer cell line screening for both research and commercial drug developers.


The Challenge

The Samba Approach


PRISM Lab wanted to upgrade their website to a modern, ready-to-use source of interactive information for potential collaborators and current customers. Additionally, they needed a way to steer fact-finding inquiries towards their FAQs to decrease the volume of questions they were having to answer via email.

Samba dug into key differentiators in order to help PRISM Lab establish a brand identity and built a new, attractive website with sophisticated design elements. The new website features self-service inbound engagement opportunities with an extensive knowledge base and a chat feature to direct users to the appropriate article.

PRISM Lab introduced their new website alongside a Samba-designed exhibitor booth at AACR 2023, with collateral like a booth backdrop, stickers, postcards, and sell sheets. Shortly thereafter, over 130 new leads submitted an interest form for their upcoming sample submission window.

Key Metrics

PRISM was able to draw over 130 new contact submissions to their screening inquiry form for the window following the launch of their new website. Samba Scientific facilitated a new automated CRM in HubSpot integrated into PRISM’s website to allow them to more quickly and efficiently respond to contacts with information relevant to their projects.

  • 9k new website visitors
  • 5k visits to the new PRISM Knowledge Base
  • 130 new engaged leads

Site Visitors


Knowledge Base Visits


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