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Using Strategic Branding to Fuel Startup Growth

Nodexus has designed a single-cell sorting and dispensing instrument that is affordable and accessible to all academic labs and core facilities.

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The Challenge

The Samba Approach


Nodexus was preparing to launch its FACS instrument, the NX One. However, as a newer startup, they needed to create a brand identity, build brand awareness, and build their contact list. They had an entire season of upcoming tradeshows in Q1-Q2 of 2023 to showcase their FACS instrument. Still, without a strong brand identity, they would have difficulty building trust and awareness, gaining contacts, and ultimately selling the NX One.

Samba Scientific started by creating a comprehensive Strategy Brief to define Nodexus’ unique brand voice and messaging. This included an analysis of competitor instruments and companies as well as brainstorming slogans to help differentiate Nodexus and the NX One in a very competitive market in a way that connected with their target customers. Samba then designed the unique Nodexus logo along with a brand guide that included font, brand colors, imagery, and iconography. In addition to a full website build showcasing the new brand identity of Nodexus, Samba Scientific also leveraged the branding by creating impactful tradeshow assets. Assets included a branded booth backdrop, tablecloth, business cards, podium graphics, standing popups, instrument flyers, company overview postcards, and conference swag.

From solely conferences over a 6-month period, Nodexus added 442 new contacts and added 178 new companies to their contact list. Nodexus’ strong branding allowed it to transcend beyond simply being a FACS instrument company. Instead, they were able to engage and inspire potential customers and ultimately grow their contact base.

  • 442 new contacts in 6 months with new branding from conference attendance
  • 178 new companies in 6 months with new branding from conference attendance.

Key Metrics

New Contacts

New Companies

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