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Lead generation for Twinstrand Biosciences

Twinstrand Biosciences provides assays and services for sequence/mutation detection using an extremely sensitive and accurate error-corrected sequencing technology; applications include MRD detection in leukemia and drug toxicity testing.


The Challenge

The Samba Approach


TwinStrand sought our help identifying initial leads, setting up a funnel for future lead capture, and converting their website into an engine for lead generation.


Samba Scientific promoted and hosted a webinar featuring one of their assays and implemented minimal website updates designed to improve lead capture.

123 new contacts and 38 marketing-qualified leads were obtained from the webinar. Website visitors over the promotional period increased by 90%. In the 6 weeks following the webinar, gated assets were downloaded 50 times, resulting in 34 new leads.

  • 123 new contacts, 38 MQLs from the webinar
  • 90% increase in site visitors during webinar promotion
  • 56% increase in contact-us page conversion rates following website updates

Key Metrics

New contacts/month





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