Effective Lead Generation Strategies to Fill Your Sales Funnel


  • Effective lead generation strategies will attract, engage, and convert new leads to customers. 
  • Attract new visitors by creating valuable content, featuring it on your website, and promoting it on channels frequented by your target audience. 
  • Gate your content using simple lead generation forms to collect contact information that allows your sales team to nurture high value leads and convert them into customers. 

Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Your first few customers may come from your network. Others might come from word of mouth when you exhibit at tradeshows. Attracting customers in a scalable manner is difficult if you rely heavily on these resources or cold calling. Instead, try an effective lead generation strategy centered on high-value content, to attract customers outside your typical reach. 

Lead generation strategies drive an inbound marketing funnel for attracting, engaging, and converting new leads. To convert website visitors into new leads you can connect with, consider this step-by-step process: 

  1. Create a piece of valuable content, like a case study, and feature it on your website. When you create valuable content, future customers will seek it out and download it. 
  2. Promote that content on channels frequented by your target audience using paid ads on industry news sites or in publications, as well as posts to your social media accounts. 
  3. Put a lead generation form in front of the download that allows you to capture their contact information and permission to contact them. Capturing contact information like this is the beginning of a continued nurturing strategy

The Winning Lead Generation Strategy

It’s key to create valuable content that is easy to access. What specific problem is your content addressing? What would a visitor gain by downloading the content? You want to be clear in your messaging on the webpage hosting the content as well as any posts or ads you create. As you develop new content, think about creating resources that will stay relevant over time. Think of any content that you distribute as an opportunity to build trust with visitors by showcasing your technical knowledge and understanding of common customer struggles. Remember to create content that is relevant to the products or services that you offer – you want to be viewed as having a solution to their struggle. Consider featuring a case study that shows how your services were used to creatively solve a customer problem. Showcasing success stories can go a long way toward building trust and generating new leads. 

Throughout a lead generation campaign, you will likely create multiple assets that address multiple problems. It is worth creating separate landing pages for each piece of content so that you can highlight specific details about what each asset provides. If your content offers a clear benefit to your visitors, it is likely to be shared with colleagues. Additionally, the more high-quality content you produce, the more your content will be promoted by search engines. As such, producing top-notch content that is clearly distributed across multiple landing pages creates a positive feedback loop that will continue to bring in new leads and expand your brand name and reputation.  

Encourage visitors to download your content by using simple forms that only collect crucial information. Be sure to test forms across multiple browsers to make sure they are easy to use for all visitors. Over time, these lead generation strategies will attract, engage, and convert website visitors into high value leads for your sales team to nurture.  

Need support in creating valuable content and establishing an effective lead generation strategy? Samba Scientific is here to guide you through every step with our technical content and strategy development expertise. Talk with us today about how we can develop an effective strategy to attract, engage, and convert new leads. 

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