Case study

Campaign ROI

Samba Scientific is proud to have executed a succcessful marketing campaign for Fabric Genomics' pediatric applications and webinar event, bringing in an impressive 300+ webinar registrants and 120+ new qualified leads (and counting).

Webinar registrants


New contacts



About Fabric Genomics

Fabric Genomics is making precision medicine a reality by facilitating clinical labs, hospital systems, and country-sequencing programs to develop, deploy, and scale genomic testing. Fabric's AI approach to genome interpretation, and SOP-based workflows enable rapid generation of physician-ready clinical reports for any genomic test.

Pediatric Applications

Fabric Genomics products are particularly beneficial in pediatrics, where rapid diagnosis and early treatment of genetic diseases is critical. Fabric's marketing team was looking to shift their messaging to focus on pediatric applications, with an upcoming webinar on the topic in need of producing and promoting.

Our mission

Samba Scientific was tasked with strategizing and crafting an effective campaign to promote Fabric's software platform and services in the Pediatrics space. Working closely with the in-house marketing team, Samba Scientific successfully deployed a pediatric-focused campaign that brought in 120+ new contacts in a few weeks time.

Campaign Objectives

  • Craft and execute an effective strategy for promoting the Pediatric applications of Fabric Genomics' software platform
  • Produce and drive attendance to Webinar on Rady Children's Hospital case study
  • Distiguish between the two products (NBS Panels and whole exomes & genomes) and their pediatric use cases


Develop a campaign strategy & lead funnel

A campaign strategy and lead funnel was developed to promote Fabric's pediatric applications. Social media and email marketing campaigns drove traffic to a high level pediatric solutions landing page, as well as a webinar specific promotion directly to a webinar landing page.

Multiple opportunities were created to capture new leads by offering valuable gated assets in the form of a webinar and two case study documents on each product application. Automated forms captured leads and populated them into a CRM (customer relationship management tool).


Design & develop landing pages

The four new landing pages outlined in the strategy above were developed and integrated with the existing website.

Samba carefully crafted value-focused messaging and supportive data, beautifully designed into a fully responsive and seamless web experience. New imagery and graphics were created that supported Fabrics's human-centered, authentic branding and company values.

Each page was integrated with analytics and marketing automation tools to maximize performance evaluation and lead capture.

Webinar production and hosting

Fabric Genomics had an exciting webinar speaker, Dr. Katarzyna Ellsworth, Associate Laboratory Director at Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine, to discuss clinical use of Fabrics' AI-based software in her team's research. Rady Children's Institute's pioneering work speaks well to the value and potential of Fabric's platform in pediatric NGS applications, serving as an excellent case study.

Fabric was eager to share their work as an example to other labs of what's possible. Samba was tasked with full planning, production, and promotion of the webinar, as well as integrating it into the overall campaign strategy in order to maximize lead-generation.

Samba strategically used the webinar to gather leads prior to the live event through registration. After the live event concluded, the webinar was produced into high-quality video content and hosted on the webinar landing page, which continued to generate leads via a gated viewing form.

Fabric Genomics Rady Children's Hospital Webinar Social Examples

Social media & email promotion

Samba crafted and deployed a series of promotional emails, social media posts for LinkedIn and Twitter, and paid social posts to drive traffic to the high level pediatric applications landing page, as well as webinar-specific promotion driving to the webinar page.

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