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Democratizing single-cell sequencing

Factorial Biotechnologies is the only company that provides in-cell library prep for single-cell sequencing at cost, workflow, and content parity to bulk NGS libraries for research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies that want to leverage the power of single-cell NGS to drive the discovery of novel therapeutics.

20230725 Factorial Single Cell Sequencing Case Study

The Challenge

The Samba Approach


Factorial wanted to come out of stealth mode and announce to the world that they were ready to promote their innovative and game changer in-cell library prep technology.

As the first step to bringing Factorial’s technology to light and building awareness, we promoted their collaboration with Watchmaker Genomics, a recognized advanced enzymology company, by releasing a press release highlighting how they synergized to simplify single-cell sequencing. Additionally, we coordinated a media interview with GenomeWeb, an established scientific news media outlet.

Factorial and Watchmaker press release was a hit. After publishing the press release, Factorial’s contact us form fills grew by 5.75X, and 69 new ones were created. Additionally, Factorial CEO, John Wells, was interviewed by GenomeWeb, and the interview was featured on their main web page.

Key Metrics

  • 5.75X contact growth after press release, with 69 new ones created
  • Spike in website traffic from 25 users the day before the press release to 460 the day after
  • One high-profile interview in GenomeWeb featured on their main webpage

Contact growth


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