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Webinars are great for lead generation.
Take them to the next level with Samba's Augmented Webinars™

Let's face it...
Webinars can be boring.

The typical webinar includes a lengthy and redundant introduction by the moderator and a long, uninterrupted presentation followed by a single, 10-minute Q&A that feels more like an afterthought than the attendee-driven discussion that it’s supposed to be.

How can you keep your audience attentive when there is no discussion until the end?

Figure- Typical Webinar@4x
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Get better audience engagement with Augmented Webinars™

At Samba Scientific, we believe in doing webinars better. That’s why we developed Augmented Webinars™ that maximize your audiences’s ability to interact and engage with your speakers.

Unlike the typical webinar, with a single Q&A squeezed in at the end of the presentation, Augmented Webinars™ engage your audience by providing them multiple Q&A opportunities throughout the presentation.

It's not over when it's over

Post-event marketing is often overlooked or at the very least minimized. Your webinar often sits on the site that hosted the event, and an email goes out to all registrants. But other than that, not many more post-event activities are typically planned.

This is where Samba Scientific shines — by providing post-event deployment, indexing and video production to ensure that you get the most out of your webinar.

Provide clear content navigation

We’ve all been there –you click the play button on a webinar recording but soon lose interest or don’t have the time to watch the whole thing. But if you were able to skip ahead to an interesting part of the talk, would you stay and watch?

Samba’s Augmented Webinars are chapterized to provide clear content navigation and improve viewer engagement.

Figure - Chapters@2x
Figure - Snippets @1x

Target your audience with webinar snippets

Samba not only delivers a full-length webinar with custom thumbnail, we also produce bite-size segments of your webinar that can be easily deployed in targeted campaigns across multiple channels to drive greater engagement and lead generation.

Keep building out your funnel

You made a great video. So now build SEO by embedding it on your website using best-practice video deployment that ensures that search engines will send more organic traffic your way.

Samba can also embed a form in your webinar to capture viewer information and pump it right into your marketing automation platform. Combined with webinar snippets deployed across your marketing channels, there has never been a better way to increase traffic, drive awareness and generate leads from your webinar.

Lead generation funnel for life sciences marketing.

Maximize your ROI with a custom webinar marketing plan

With the right marketing strategy and execution, webinars can be a powerful lead-generation tool. Samba delivers the whole package to get the best ROI from your webinar.


Drive interest and anticipation with promotion across channels, maximizing attendance and capturing leads before your webinar event even airs.

Superior production

Choose the webinar format to meet your needs, delighting and engaging your audience with a superior webinar experience.

Post-event promotion

Make your webinar the lead generation gift that keeps on giving, with sophisticated channel deployment, content marketing, and ongoing campaign support.

Webinars, your way

We offer three different webinar recording options to meet your specific needs.



Pre-record your webinar and broadcast it with a live and/or chat Q&A


Live event conversion

Convert your live event into a lead-generating webinar


Hosted webinar

Host your live webinar with chat and Q&A

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