Unlock Your Company Potential: Challenger Brand Edition

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A challenger brand is defined as a company that’s neither the market leader nor a niche brand, but one individualized by their intention to expand beyond conventional resources and expectations. Challengers assess the market and create a product or service that fulfills the downfalls of the current leading brand. Ideally, every brand would be a challenger and seek to further progress their industry by improving on their predecessors.  

Most life science organizations are ideal challenger brands because their mission entails enriching the lives of their audiences by progressing industry ideals. As science progresses, so does the demand for specialized products and services. At Samba Scientific, we recognize the difficulty in distinguishing a brand. Let us bring your brand to the forefront by emphasizing the unique strengths of your organization and services. 

Challenger brand. Marketing and Media for Life Sciences Brands

Challenger Brand Characteristics/Criteria  

Challenger brands are not synonymous with disruptive brands. Not to say that these brands aren’t customer-centric. Merely, disruptor brands excel on digital dissonance and exacerbated divergence from the main industry.  

However, challenger brands and disruptive brands are close cousins in the sense that each can revolutionize the industry with their products and cultural philosophies. So, what exactly distinguishes a challenger brand? 

1. A Median State of Being  

Welcome to the middle. Here one enjoys the freedom of the youngest child with none of the extreme expectations of the eldest. Challenger brands are not underdogs but also not necessarily industry leaders. Their technology may be industry-revolutionizing, but they don’t have the associated recognition or growth yet. However, they have the experience and validity to achieve first place.

2. A Missionary State of Mind 

Challengers are most often characterized by their limitless ambitions and their desire to create unity and improve conditions within their organization and without. The drive to improve the lives of their employees and clients begins by developing a fundamental belief or mission, to always want more and want better for everyone.  

3. A Measureless State of Growth   

Most often, challenger brands experience sustained and significant growth through their combined marketing actions and humanitarian/philanthropic philosophy. When discussing a company’s vision for the future, these brands never limit their success to making something merely good. Success will only be achieved when all parts and people are working towards a shared vision.  

Building a Marketing Strategy Fit for a Challenger  

Marketing insights can help distinguish biotech brands using trends in digital pharma, healthcare communications, marketing tech, and brand/consumer dynamics.  

1. Audience Segmentation to Create a Custom Marketing Strategy  

First, it’s important to identify the target audience, then, to further create a custom digital presence that aligns company values and products with audience agendas. Using in-depth market research, social listening, and actively collaborating with the company consumer-outreach and marketing teams, a targeted multimedia strategy can be developed. If this sounds a bit intense for the in-house marketing team, Samba Scientific can utilize our experience with inbound marketing, content creation, and web design, to exceed expectations and channel benchmarks. 

2. Establishing a Measurable KPI Framework for Sustained Engagement 

After launching a multimedia campaign, content performance is measured across all channels to maintain connectivity and customer engagement. Using a combination of third-party data analytics and continually developing mission values, the process is duplicated across all channels to further ROI optimization.  

3. Using Scientific Expertise to Continually Refine the B2B and B2C Relationship 

Samba Scientific was founded by molecular and cellular biologists with deep technical expertise and decades of industry sales and marketing experience. Allow that experience, in conjunction with precision automation, dynamic profiling, and evolving re-engagement strategies, to maximize results for an omnichannel marketing approach that delivers the product to the people who need it most. Contact us to get started.

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