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Get More Done with ChatSpot for Biotech Marketing


  • What is ChatSpot? ChatSpot is a free AI assistant that integrates with HubSpot to help streamline marketing workflows through natural language prompts.
  • What can you do with ChatSpot? With ChatSpot, biotech marketers can instantly generate reports, charts, content drafts, tasks, and other actions through simple conversational prompts.
  • Why use ChatSpot? Key benefits of ChatSpot include increased productivity, data-driven decisions, reduced manual tasks, and consistent content creation.
  • Any concerns with using ChatSpot for biotech marketing? While ChatSpot offers immense time savings, always fact-check AI-generated content before publishing to ensure accuracy. Combining AI and human oversight leads to optimal results.

Get More Done with ChatSpot for Biotech Marketing

Managing complex and complicated marketing campaigns is time-consuming. If you’re a HubSpot user, then you’re in luck. ChatSpot can help your team work smarter. In this guide, we’ll dive into some simple tactics to leverage ChatSpot for major time savings and increased productivity.

What is ChatSpot?

ChatSpot is a conversational AI assistant that allows you to complete actions and access data in your HubSpot account through natural language prompts. This free tool, already integrated with HubSpot, is powered by state-of-the-art AI from OpenAI and image generation from Dall-E.

Through the simple ChatSpot, you can:

  • Make faster, data-driven decisions powered by on-demand reports and visualizations. Spot trends, optimize spend, and course-correct in real time.
  • Generate basic content in seconds that resonates with your audience. 
  • Focus on high-level strategy while ChatSpot handles repetitive tasks. Automate lead management, campaign setup, reporting, and more to free up your time.

How ChatSpot Streamlines Biotech Marketing Workflows

As a biotech marketing director, here are some of the key ways ChatSpot can save you time and effort in your day-to-day work:

Content Creation for Biotech

Drafting blog posts, emails, landing pages, and other content is incredibly time-consuming. The research alone can eat up hours. With ChatSpot, you can quickly generate content from your current biotech content that you know to be accurate. It’s as easy as entering a prompt.

For example, prompt ChatSpot to “Write 3 social posts from this blog post: [insert blog copy]” and ChatSpot will return social drafts for you to compare. One piece of advice, the more thorough you are in your prompt, the more accurate and useful the output will be. There are some limitations here. You will need to fact-check your content, especially if it’s technical. We will get more into that later.

Here’s a portion of the response from our prompt for this Google Ads blog: 

  • Social Post 1: Unlock the potential of Google Ads for your biotech company with precision targeting! By using demographic targeting, you can focus your ads on individuals who meet specific characteristics in your target audience. Find out how to reach the right people in our latest blog post! #GoogleAds #BiotechMarketing 
  • Social Post 2: Want to reach professionals interested in cutting-edge technology and healthcare breakthroughs? Interest-based targeting in Google Ads allows you to customize your ad campaigns and display ads to those who are more likely to have a genuine interest in your products and services. Learn more in our blog post! #GoogleAds #TargetingTips 
  • Social Post 3: Location matters! With geolocation targeting in Google Ads, you can focus your ad display to users based on their physical location. If your business services customers in specific areas, this targeting strategy can be a game-changer. Check out our blog post to learn how to make the most of geolocation targeting! #GoogleAds #GeolocationTargeting

You can also generate content with unique images. For example, you can use a prompt like this “Create an image of a scientist working in a lab”. The AI will generate a customized image to embed in your next blog post or social media content. Note: this is not for super technical or biologically accurate images. This is good for social and other non-technical images. 

Here’s the output:

Get More Done with ChatSpot for Biotech Marketing Images

Are these images perfect? Far from it. Always be sure to give them a close look. Pro tip: check out the fingers, AI can have a hard time making them look realistic.

Lead & Account Management for Biotech Teams

Managing leads and accounts is a complex, ongoing task. ChatSpot makes it easy to access the latest data on your biotech contacts and companies. Summarize any HubSpot record like “Summarize contact Mary Smith” or “Summarize account BioGen Ltd.” You’ll get a bullet point summary instantly.  

Here’s the output for a company summarization:

Get More Done with ChatSpot for Biotech Marketing Activity

You can also create tasks, log notes, and reassign records with ease. Prompt ChatSpot to “Create task to email quarterly newsletter to all Biogen contacts” or “Assign BioGen Ltd account to John Smith.” The updates sync right into your HubSpot CRM.

Biotech Reporting & Analysis with ChatSpot

Marketers rely heavily on data insights to inform strategy. All strategy should be data-driven. But it can be a major pain and compiling custom reports can be tedious. With ChatSpot, you can request any report, chart, or data visualization on the fly.

Try prompts like “Show deals closed this [insert timeframe] over $50k” or “Chart weekly website visits over the last 3 months.” ChatSpot will generate the charts, graphs, and summaries you need to make data-driven decisions. It’s one of the most useful aspects of ChatSpot. You can of course get robust reporting in HubSpot, but this allows for quick glances without building custom reports.

Get More Done with ChatSpot for Biotech Marketing Deals

The Benefits of ChatSpot for Biotech Marketing Teams

It’s clear that AI is the future of marketing technology. Forward-thinking biotech marketers who adopt AI tools like ChatSpot now will have a competitive advantage. The benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • More time for strategic work
  • Improved, data-driven decision making
  • On-demand access to reports and analytics
  • Reduced menial tasks and manual workflows
  • Consistent, personalized content at scale 

AI will not replace marketers anytime soon, but by augmenting marketers with AI, biotech companies can scale their efforts and accelerate growth. The time savings from automating tasks can really add up, empowering teams to focus on big-picture initiatives and strategy.

Word of Caution: Fact Check AI Content

While tools like ChatSpot offer immense time-saving potential, it’s important to use caution when utilizing AI-generated content and images. As advanced as today’s AI is, it cannot be fully accurate 100% of the time. 

When ChatSpot produces a draft blog post or creates an image, always double-check that the information is factual and edit as needed. Look out for any scientific inaccuracies, typos, grammar errors, or problematic phrasing. You should never publish AI-generated content outright without proper fact-checking. Technical content is better left to humans at this stage.

The key is not to fully hand over content production to the AI but to use it as an aid. With a combination of human creativity and AI efficiency, your team can scale content while maintaining quality control.

Also, AI technology is continuously evolving. Tools like ChatSpot are getting smarter every day as more training data improves their skills. While you may need to verify its work today, the accuracy of AI assistants will only increase over time.


ChatSpot offers the potential to automate repetitive marketing tasks, unlock growth opportunities, and reduce costs. By handling time-consuming busy work, this AI assistant enables you to focus on high-value initiatives that drive business success.

While ChatSpot streamlines workflows, its output should be reviewed for accuracy before publishing or distributing. Combining AI efficiency with human creativity and quality control will maximize results.  

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