Conference Marketing: How to Leverage Branded Materials at Biotech Conferences


  • An eye-catching booth design allows you to be seen and recognized from a distance.
  • Sponsorship opportunities can lead to increased brand recognition and favorability.
  • Consistent branded design across collateral tells a clear story about who you are and strengthens brand recognition.
  • Your brand can simultaneously be associated with cutting-edge technology, sound science, and a bit of fun.

Biotech conferences and tradeshows are full of influential companies with innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology, and competitive services. In a sea of booths and collateral, it’s important to stand out from the crowd – you want your new contacts to remember you after the conference center has cleared and they’re back in the lab making decisions about the products or services to use for their next research project. Branded materials are a great way to leave a lasting impression on new leads and to keep previous customers coming back for more.

Attract Visitors with Impactful Booth Design

An eye-catching booth backdrop is the first thing that potential leads will see from a distance as they’re exploring the event center. You want your space to be recognizable and on-brand with your name and logo clearly visible. This way, previous customers can pick you out in the crowd and new leads will be intrigued to come and learn more about what you have to offer.

“An attractive booth backdrop at conferences isn’t just a pretty sight, it’s your brand’s secret sauce,” advises Alex Hendley, Art Director at Samba Scientific. “A successful booth backdrop lures in potential clients and paves the way for meaningful connections and interactions.”

Take Advantage of Sponsorship Opportunities

As an event sponsor, you can get your name and logo added to event / conference marketing materials, venue signage and banners, virtual sessions, and more. The increased exposure not only strengthens your overall brand recognition, but it also solidifies you in the mind of attendees as a supporter of innovation and scientific exploration.

“Sponsoring conferences and tradeshows isn’t just about being seen, it’s your brand’s chance to shine for future partnerships and overall business growth. Seize the chance to stand out and forge genuine relationships with potential partners,” encourages Alex.

Conference Marketing: How to Leverage Branded Materials at Biotech Conferences BioSkryb window render

Keep Things Consistent

Brand recognition is essential for building your image. To make sure that your brand is easily recognizable, consistency is key with respect to both the visual elements that you use and your messaging.

When showcasing at conferences, you’ll have a lot with you: booth backdrops and pop-ups, handouts and business cards, posters and presentation decks, and maybe even some extra swag for the qualified leads who stop by to chat. With so many moving pieces, it can be easy to lose a clear vision.

Approaching your conference materials with clear branding in mind promotes consistency across elements, and consistency keeps your brand recognizable. When a new lead goes home and pulls your business card from their pocket, they should be able to recognize your logo and remember your booth and the conversations that you had with them about your offerings.

Alex notes, “Consistency across your brand assets is vital as it reinforces brand identity, builds trust with your audience, and ensures a cohesive and recognizable brand experience.”

The consistency should extend into the digital realm, as well. Any social media posts, emails, or landing pages associated with your conference campaign should be cohesive, too. If a conference attendee follows the event’s hashtag, they’re likely to see your event posts in their feed. By maintaining consistency in branding between your digital marketing graphics and physical booth assets, attendees can quickly recognize you on the conference floor.

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Conference Marketing: How to Leverage Branded Materials at Biotech Conferences Bioskryb Postcard
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Don’t Be Afraid of Fun

While you want your brand to be trustworthy and respected in the biotech space, it’s also important to have a little fun every now and then. Swag giveaways can be a great avenue for this, as can hosting a happy hour or late-night dance party for VIPs. Additionally, implementing design trends within your conference materials can also be a way to showcase your forward-thinking brand identity. Branching out and showing more personality at biotech conferences can make your brand approachable and memorable for more than just your strong technical expertise.

“Bringing fun and personality into your branding at tradeshows can transform your booth into a magnet for attention,” Alex explains. “By leaning into fun, you not only stand out from the crowd but also create memorable experiences that stick with attendees after your event. Conferences and tradeshows are the perfect opportunity to have fun with your branding!”

Are You Ready to Leave a Lasting Impression?

Setting out to revamp your conference materials can be a challenge, but the payoff from the impact is worth it. Brand recognition is essential for attracting and retaining customers, and leveraging consistently branded materials at conferences can keep you ahead of competitors within the minds of your customers.

Take it from our expert Art Director: “In the biotech industry, having a presence at tradeshows is important for showcasing innovation and reinforcing your brand’s credibility and identity. We’d love to help you transform, update, and innovate at your next conference appearance!”

If you’d like support from our team of subject matter experts to leverage your branding for lasting impact in the biotech conference marketing landscape, let’s chat!

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