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YDS Pharmatech Helps Uncover a Novel Viral Recognition Pathway: Published in Nature Chemical Biology

Aug 18, 2022

YDS Pharmatech announced the publication of a paper revealing a novel human viral recognition mechanism in Nature Chemical Biology today. The publication was co-authored by Xing Che, Ph.D., founder and CEO of YDS Pharmatech, and by researchers at Tianjin Medical University led by Prof. Heng Zhang. The company helped reveal a new viral protein recognition mechanism, highlighting a promising new target for antiviral drugs.

An important immune response factor, TRIM7, coordinates the attachment of ubiquitin to cellular proteins, tagging them for protein degradation. Recently, TRIM7 was also shown to have activity against human enterovirus, but the mechanism by which TRIM7 recognizes viral proteins remained unknown. In this study, YDS Pharmatech helped identify the specific molecular mechanism by which TRIM7 recognizes viral infection…

Read the full article on PR Newswire.


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