Inoviv Secures Investment to Expand Quantitative Proteomics Product Offerings to Accelerate Drug Development Pipelines

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Biomarker pioneer Inoviv has secured significant funding from venture capital firm Hoxton Ventures and leading investment manager Foresight Group to expand the delivery of highly accurate, fully quantitative targeted biomarker workflows and panels.

Building on previous funding from Hoxton Ventures, this latest investment will enable Inoviv to further expand its commercial activities to support the pharmaceutical and biotech space in support of clinical proteomics, including clinical trial monitoring, while also extending R&D capacity and innovation to address the fast-growing biomarker market and accelerate the development and approval of life-changing therapeutics. Inoviv offers bespoke and “off-the-shelf,” multiplexed, fully quantitative, and validated assays. This round of investment will help to accelerate Inoviv’s product pipeline from the Neurological and Fibrosis space to Oncology and beyond.

Inoviv’s breakthroughs in mass spectrometry include developments in hybrid assays to allow multiplexing of previously immeasurable biomarkers and rapid standards development to support quantitative workflows. These panels can measure 50+ fully calibrated and validated, definitive biomarkers per sample covering a range of analytes across different sample types that are highly reproducible. Assays can be tailored according to the drug, disease, and mechanism of action, and are carried out in GLP/GCP accredited laboratories.

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