Biotech Marketing 101: How to Add a User to Your Facebook and Instagram Ads Account

Quick Tips:

Social media management can be overwhelming. Adding others, such as internal social media managers or external marketing agency personnel, to help manage your social media accounts can efficiently use your time and resources. 

Meta’s business manager account can be a powerful tool to manage your Instagram and Facebook ads’ potential.

For many B2C and even B2B businesses, Meta Ads or Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram ads can be widely successful. They have a broad array of ad options and targeting capabilities to allow you to get the most out of your budget. For example, we love Facebook and LinkedIn lead gen forms because they allow you to capture lead information right on the platform.

If you already have a Facebook Business Manager Account, make sure you have Admin access, then follow the steps below to give people user access.

Giving access to your Facebook Business Manager will allow access to your Business Page, FB Store, and Ads Manager.

If you do not have a Facebook/ Meta Ads Manager, let us know, and we can set one up and provide you with admin access.

For more information on Facebook Ads Manager, you can visit the help center to get started.

To give people access to your business:

1. Go to Business Settings. You’ll be directed to your dashboard. If you have multiple accounts use the drop-down in the left menu to find the business page you want to give access to.

Business Settings Dashboard

If you are already logged in you can click on the Settings(the gear icon) in the bottom left menu.

2. Click ‘Users‘ and then ‘Partners’ in the menu on the left.


3. Click the blue ‘Add’ next to the input field that says ‘Filter by name or ID’ . You need to make sure that you have admin access. Select ‘Give a partner access to your assets’.

4. Ask your partner to provide you with their ‘Partner Business ID’.

5. Click ‘Next’.

Choose the business assets you want to assign to your partner. For each asset, choose the level of access to give them: full control or partial access. If assigning partial access, choose which tasks you want your partner to work on.

6. Click ‘Save Changes’.

Your partner can now see the business assets you assigned to them.

If you’re looking for ways to take your next Facebook or Instagram Ad campaign from good to great, let us help!  

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