Spatial transcriptomics represents a revolution in biosciences, merging high-throughput RNA profiling with spatial resolution to reveal the inner workings of tissues in a way never before possible. This powerful, fast-evolving field is opening new avenues in disease progression study, tumor characterization, and therapeutic response analysis. Despite the potential, researchers face significant challenges, from data management to computational power and programming, often hindering them from fully utilizing this advanced technology.

Join us in this webinar as we highlight BioChain Institute’s spatial biology services and the Enable Medicine Pipeline – a comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to overcome the hurdles in spatial biology data analysis. BioChain, a biospecimen and service provider since 1994, has been a growing leader in offering spatial biology services such as 10x Visium and GeoMx. The Enable pipeline, which harnesses the power of Visium spatial transcriptomics technology, includes sequencing, data processing, quality control, cloud-based tissue annotation, a low-code analysis library, and no-code RAPID spatial insights.

To illustrate the effectiveness of BioChain’s spatial services and Enable’s pipeline, we will showcase a real-world application involving Visium Digital Spatial Gene Expression Analysis performed by BioChain on patient samples with adenocarcinoma and signet ring cell carcinoma. BioChain’s customers can now experience how the Enable Medicine pipeline leads to rapid spatial and molecular hypothesis generation and pathology-guided expression analysis, identifying spatially coherent gene programs.

Join us to unlock the enormous potential of spatial transcriptomics, enhance your research capabilities, and contribute to the next wave of advancements in biotech.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn about the exciting future of spatial transcriptomics, powered by advanced technologies and innovative computational approaches
  2. Discover the Enable Medicine Pipeline: an end-to-end solution that provides a streamlined approach to spatial transcriptomics – from sequencing to data visualization
  3. Understand BioChain’s capabilities to provide and process biosamples through Visium digital spatial gene expression assay
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Rikita Gakhar Headshot Circle 1000x1000-new

Dr. Rikita Gakhar, Ph.D.

Rikita is an Applications Scientist and supports the Sales and Marketing Team at BioChain. She is an experienced biotech professional and earned her PhD in Biotechnology, studying plant-microbe interaction in saffron crops using transcriptomics approach.

The title of her presentation is “10X Visium Spatial Whole Transcriptome analysis of differential expression for biomarker discovery in colorectal cancer”.

BioChain x Enable Webinar Gulpreet Kaur headshot

Dr. Gulpreet Kaur, Ph.D.

Gulpreet covers Business development at Enable Medicine for West coast and Central US. She completed her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied organelle biology using live cell imaging and instructed at the Vision Research Microscopy Core Facility. Gulpreet served as National Representative at Olympus Scientific Solutions, supporting researchers in various microscopy and image analysis applications. She is an experienced biotech professional with a strong research background and expertise in helping researchers apply cutting edge technologies to their studies.