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How to Convert Website Design into User Action

How to Convert Website Design into User Action

Highlights Website designers often focus on aesthetics over conversions and user actions. This misses key opportunities to promote business goals through webpage design. Optimizing strategic choices around visual hierarchy, CTAs, layouts, content presentation, and form simplicity provide an effective way to promote conversions. Using analytics to continually test and optimize page elements creates a data-driven […]

Build a Better Website: Website Interactivity Tips to Engage Users

How to engage users by optimizing your website for interactivity

Highlights Website designers face challenges with responsiveness across devices and with effective communication of brand identity. Solutions involve embracing a responsive and mobile-first design, optimizing site speed through code efficiency and testing, and making strategic typography and branding choices to strengthen messaging. These lead to improved user experience through better accessibility, aesthetics, and interactivity across […]

How to Design a Functional and Effective Biotech Website

How to design a functional and effective biotech website

Highlights Complex, cluttered websites overload users and fail to communicate key messages effectively. By embracing simplicity in design, user cognitive load is reduced and attention-focused. Consistency and visual hierarchy further streamline user experience. Testing and attention to metrics promote continuous improvement. Applying these principles to your biotech website optimizes engagement and goal conversion. Creating an […]