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High-impact advertising on a startup budget

GT Molecular offers digital PCR assay kits and custom services to reference labs, research labs, clinical research organizations, and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Drawing on their expertise in molecular assay development, they recently pivoted from a focus on multiplex cancer variant panels to offering pathogen detection and quantification kits and services for epidemiological research.

Desktop computer showing Google Ad performance data.

The Challenge

The Samba Approach


GT Molecular needed to optimize its Google Ads to improve its ROI. Before engaging with Samba, their ad impressions were dropping and the conversion rate was low. The impressions and conversions they did receive were not generating qualified leads.Impressions vs Spend Graph


Samba updated the structure of GT Molecular’s ads: we added elements such as mix-and-match headlines and descriptions to make ads more engaging. These changes enabled Google’s automation to identify and serve top-performing ads more frequently. We also refined the bidding strategy to reach a more targeted audience and set up conversion tracking to gather data about how potential customers interacted with these ads and allow for automated conversion-based optimization.

In the first two months after implementing these changes, GT Molecular saw their weekly ad impressions increase by almost 60% and their conversion rate quadruple to 19%. Not only were the ads being seen more — they were more engaging and more relevant to viewers. Importantly, these improvements did not require a budget increase.

graph showing how Samba Scientific helped GT Molecular with Google Ads

Key Metrics

In the first two months following our adjustments:

  • Google Ads impressions increased by 58% to an average of 1,892 per week
  • The overall conversion rate quadrupled from 3.8% to 19%
  • These improvements were achieved without any change to the advertising budget

Conversion Rate


Cost per Conversion


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